5 lessons for aspiring models from Polish model Alicja Tubilewicz


Alicja Tubilewicz created a real storm in the fashion industry. Young and lively, loved by clients, she has been able to rebuild an inspiring life! This model has worked with all of the biggest brands in the industry, such as Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Hermès and many more. Alicja Tubilewicz shares five valuable tips for future models to help them develop their careers.

Above all, develop your skills. Your existing skills will get you recognized but won’t necessarily help you stay. Modeling is simply a practiced art form. Like any art form, it evolves and requires change. Study, research and understand the pose. Practice and perfect track walking. Your ability to pose and your walk will make you stand out and make people notice you. Each time you walk on the leak, your enhanced skills should show through.

Pro tip: Have your friend take your photos and rate your photos!

Second, your Portfolio speaks for you! You might be exceptional, but if you don’t document the right angles and poses, no one would be convinced. A successful portfolio sells to agencies and clients. It would be better if you built a collection that showcases all of your highlights. The portfolio must be diversified and robust.

She stresses the importance of commitment and professional ethics at work. Your dedication to your discipline will establish your goals. Sacrificing your sweet tooth and sticking to your diet requires a commitment on your part to make it work. Don’t forget to hone your professional skills alongside. Make those calls, contact, interact and have good relationships with people in the industry. These modest but cohesive efforts will build personal and professional relationships. People might not congratulate you often, but they will definitely exclude you if you display a lousy demeanor or lack professionalism.

The fourth point is to be careful, alert and swift in the industry. Do your homework on the model agency you sign up with. Being new to a place or profession shouldn’t become your excuse for making an irresponsible choice. You have to take matters into your own hands – go ahead, ask and find out! Interview your fellow role models, observe the routines, and most importantly, don’t despair of getting started. A thorough groundwork would save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Alicja Tubilewicz kept the best known secret until last. She advises to always be humble and down to earth! She, in her experience, shares that everyone is fighting a demon or insecurity. The least we can do is be humble. Additionally, a person’s humility keeps them receptive to lifelong learning. Alicja Tubilewicz shares many other tips about the fashion industry in her Blog which shines a light on everyday life and behind the scenes of the fashion industry. The blog focuses on her tips for a healthy lifestyle, proper skin care, fashion tips, fitness secrets, and travel tips. Her blog has grown in popularity and has become a real source of inspiration for all young models.

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