A local man works as a model for the world’s greatest designers


From Black Earth, from Wisconsin to the other side of the earth! A local man struts around Milan, Italy as a model for some of the world’s biggest designers.

Trevor Olson, 28, grew up in Black Earth and graduated from Wisconsin Heights High School in 2008. In his early 20s, a friend suggested he turn to modeling. After signing with Rock Agency, a Madison-based talent company, Olson’s career took off.

“I’m glad I did. I’m glad I got started and tried something new, ”he said.

When he chose to get into modeling, Olson wasn’t sure how to tell his family and friends.

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t tell anyone about it for the first six months. I was a little hesitant. I didn’t know how people were going to handle this, ”he said. “I think they were all quite hesitant at first, but supportive”,

He lived in Los Angeles for a few months before moving to Milan full time five years ago.

“The Italians can be a little more, not aggressive, but a little more direct,” Olson said with a laugh.

He lives in an apartment in Milan, goes to castings and gets paid to have his picture taken.

“You pay for most of your flights, your apartment. But there are definitely jobs where I think I shouldn’t get paid that much, but I would never tell anyone! Olson said.

Now he’s busy traveling as the face of some of the world’s biggest brands.

“Dolce Gabanna. I had the chance to go to Dubai with them for a fashion show, ”he said. “Armani … a bit of everything”,

“He pursued something that I never even imagined,” said his mother Holly Olson. “I’m very proud of him, I don’t like when he leaves, and I like when he comes home”

Holly and her husband Dale often debate Trevor’s beauty.

“Well, I think he looks like his mother! Holly said. “When I see pictures on Facebook or whatever, it’s mine!” It’s mine!’ And he’s the only one who looks like me!

Holly added that she has three children, of whom she is proud.

Olson as a role model, the constant criticism can be overwhelming.

“It can be a bit heavy at times because people are so direct. They will tell you that you are too big, too small, ”he said. “I think the best thing I learned was to make you feel comfortable wherever you went,”

Olson usually comes home twice a year; once a month in the summer and for a few weeks during the holidays. He plans to return to Italy in early January.

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