Actor and fitness model Jemps D Thebaud pursues his dreams with hard work and talent

Actor, model and influencer Jemps D Thebaud is a Haitian living in New York since 2011. This 5’9 fitness model began his journey in modeling and fitness when he weighed 225 pounds. It was unimaginable for the people around him to believe that he could look like what he is now. Man has worked so hard on himself that today he not only stands up but influences others with his personality.

Jemps said he didn’t like how those 225 pounds made him feel. Today he works a lot every day to look like he is. Weighing 170 pounds now, he could only accomplish the task with his determination. It was a long journey but it was worth it because today he feels good about himself and is confident in his behavior.

Adults are inspired by his journey and want to get in shape, just like Jemps. Jemps says he has just one piece of advice for those looking to get fitter and fall in love with themselves: “I would tell them anything is possible, it just takes a little sacrifice with it. motivation and consistency because consistency is good for achievements. “

Since Jemps wanted to get into modeling, he had to make a bit more sacrifice than other professions because he has to keep his body in shape all the time. He had to challenge himself and increase his confidence level to become a fitness model today.

Jemps has worked with many designers, stylists, brands and photographers in the recent past. He has done fashion shows and photo shoots as a fitness model. He loves being in front of the camera and therefore explores acting. The confident man has worked in 2 Haitian films and has been chasing his dreams in New York since moving here. He feels honored to have worked in 3 films in New York, Wanted Dead, Drama of A Side Piece and Dear Dad.

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