Aspiring model walks in pain, bags make top 3


NOT even a sprained back could stop aspiring model Lauren Juistien from shining at the 2020 Miss Runway Fashion Walk. She triumphed over 50 contestants to make KZN’s top three at the Blue Waters Hotel on Saturday, October 3. .

“Words can’t describe the amount of excitement and nervousness I had in me at the same time. I was excited because I was doing what I love and love to do, that is, I was on the track. I was nervous because 50 candidates is a lot. We were all there for the same goal and the same goal, to win the crown, so who wouldn’t be nervous? ”said the bubbly personality.

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She admitted that she was a little disappointed not to win the title of queen of the contest because “Honestly, no one is in a contest to be second best.”

“However, considering how many powerful competitors I faced and modeling with a sprained back, I was more surprised when they called my name in the top five. That alone was an accomplishment, but wow , second place is a big accomplishment and I’m extremely proud of myself.

She encouraged others to never give up on a dream and pointed out that you can still reinvent yourself to be what you have always aspired to be.

“I grew up in a community that looked down on people and didn’t motivate the next person. You are immediately judged as soon as you tell someone where you are from. I have never let that stop me, and even though I no longer physically stay there, I will forever continue to carry the name and represent a community that is seen by everyone as “hopeless”.

And how exactly did she sprain her back? Funny story, everyone thought I was joking during rehearsals the night before when I could feel my back start to pull. It’s not easy to wear 4 inch heels for almost eight hours straight, and still almost 11 hours a day.

“I was in so much pain and I couldn’t even take an anti-inflammatory drug because it wouldn’t be a good result to be drowsy on stage. I pushed, despite being told otherwise. This is exactly what I did and I don’t regret not letting the aches or sprains stop me, ”she added.

Miss Runway Fashion Walk 2020 second princess, Lauren Juistien.


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