Best Dressed in Toronto: Catwalk model Aluad Anei


(Photo: Evaan Kheraj)

She walked the catwalks from New York to Johannesburg and appeared in the pages of She and Marie Claire. Off camera, she is a past master in mixing colors and daring prints. We asked Anei to think about her vibrant style. Here is what she said.

My style guru is …

Grace Jones. She used to scare me. But as I became myself, wearing what I wanted, she became my icon.

I deeply regret …

the poufy braids that I used to have. I don’t know what I was thinking. This is not a look that I intend to revisit.

I will sacrifice comfort for …

a pair of gorgeous oversized earrings.

My favorite childhood outfit was …

a frilly dress with white socks and patent leather shoes. I grew up in Egypt and didn’t even have pants on before immigrating to Canada.

My favorite adult outfit is …

boots, fishnets, a denim skirt, a colorful scarf and a beautiful leather jacket.

I’m always looking for …

shoes that fit. I have a height of 10 feet so this is a challenge.

I am offended by …

UGG Boots. It is impossible to wear them without waddling.

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