BitLife: How to Become a Famous Runway Model

Most recent BitLife challenge, the BitLife’s The next Top Model Challenge has arrived! The challenge asks you to join the Mean Girls clique in high school before becoming a famous Runway model! This guide will teach you how to become a famous runway model for the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge in BitLife.

How to Become a Famous Runway Model in BitLife

BitLife ModelTo get started, create a female character in the country and location of your choice. Age your character to your 18th birthday before checking out full-time job openings for the modeling career. From there, check the listings and scroll until you find a Foot Model post. If you don’t see it immediately, age and check again until it appears or close and reopen the BitLife application. Likewise, if you find other jobs such as Hand or Lingerie Model, age and check again until you find Foot Model. Other modeling positions require related work experience. Also, the Foot Model job usually appears towards the bottom of the lists due to its low salary.


BitLife: How to Join the Mean Girl Clique

Fortunately, the foot model position does not require any previous work experience or college education. Instead, you need high appearance stats. Luckily, there are several short-term and long-term ways to increase your appearance stats:

  1. Go to the salon and get your nails done
  2. Work out at the gym or go for a walk
  3. Get a tan in a tanning bed or a spray tan
  4. Do a wax job
  5. Opt for plastic surgery

Once you become a foot model, work hard every year until you get promotions. The sequence of promotions you will receive before becoming a Runway model is as follows:

  1. foot model
  2. hand model
  3. catalog template
  4. underwear model
  5. Track model

By working hard and getting promotions, there is also a chance to become famous every year. Although it’s not guaranteed, continuing to work and aging will increase your chances of becoming famous after a few years. However, to maximize your chances of getting promotions and becoming famous, accept all unpaid overtime offers. You can also create social media accounts and actively post on them for a slight boost in awareness.

Once you become a famous Runway model, you will have completed one of the tasks for the BitLife’s Next Top Model challenge. For more information on a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.

BitLife is available on android and iOS.

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