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Whether BTSit is V hadn’t chosen the life of a K-Pop idol, he could become Korea’s next leading model.

V of BTS | Weverse Magazine via @stillwithjk/Twitter

From its visual K-Drama looks to its statuesque proportions, V has what it takes to make any track its highway.

V-modeling for “Esquire” | Squire

After all, professional modeling is more than just beauty. It’s about learning to move, learning to wear, and learning to give off a special feeling that enhances the clothes you wear.

V-modeling for Weverse Magazine

Think of fashion as recent canvases, ready to be painted with stunning clothing and makeup.

V modeling his “Inner Child” look. | HYBE

The best models are usually chameleons that can become any “character” a model or photographer wants. Both an idol and an actor, V knows exactly how to slip into character and use the camera, whether on stage, in the studio or at awards shows.

V enjoying gangster for BTS ARMY.ZIP mission.

For their Fall/Winter 2019 assortment, PRADA introduced a purple and black palette to the runway. This model wore a bright purple cardigan over head-to-toe black, mixing textures and patterns. He also carried a leather handbag to match his sneakers.

Fashion model for PRADA. | vogue

The model served a sultry and vampiric aptitude to PRADA’s gift. V, alternatively, gave off “Good Boy” vibes when he wore the same outfit as the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA).

Unlike the PRADA model, V wore an earring to match a crisp white button-up shirt.

He also changed the loafers for a pair of black boots that have us screaming, “step on me. (Or thinking about it, at least!)

The model and the V did PRADA justice, but which look do you like? Check out more outfits from V here.

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