As a model and influencer, there are many ways to reach your target audience. Social media is one of the best ways to interact and grow your fan base where you can create content that goes viral in no time. This change in consumption pattern has helped many of them build careers and find their way to success.

Taylor Shien, business model and now entrepreneur, has made the most of her social platform to achieve her goals. Today, she is the founder of a well-known skincare brand named DermaClear Skin which treats skin imperfections.

It all started with Taylor Shien posting some eye-catching photos and content. She quickly realized the dynamics of Instagram and did what it took to keep up with the trends and in no time, Taylor Shien became one of the leading social influencers on the internet. She says, “It used to be fun, but I quickly realized it was a big game there. You have to be on top of the game to keep the race going. I started to create content that matched the tastes of my followers. Something they would like to see. And that’s how I started to get more responses and eventually everything went well. You just need to be in tune with the trends and go with the flow.

Taylor started her career at the age of 21 as a model for various brands. Shien also made a name for herself in the entertainment business when she modeled for Rick Ross’ Maybach music group. Soon this little bird started to gain fame and developed a huge fan base of over 2 million followers on Instagram.

With this, Taylor began to receive branded offers and sponsorship deals that wanted to cash in on his fan base to promote their brands. While promoting other brands, Taylor thought about leveraging the platform to build her brand.

Having suffered from acne issues her entire life, Taylor wanted to create a product that would ease the struggle of millions of others like her. With that goal in mind, she set out to develop the perfect all-natural solution to treating skin blemishes and the rest is history.