Catwalk model Imaan Hammam covers Vogue Mexico

Former Victoria’s Secret fashion show model Imaan Hammam graced the cover of Vogue Mexico with her beauty and innate ability to turn any outfit into a flawless masterpiece.

The model fully embodied the mission by giving off effortless sultry vibes and was photographed in a variety of different outfits, each more stunning than the next. His gaze was perfected with hair by Hos Hounkpatin and makeup by none other than Benjamin Puckey, whose combined talents took this photoshoot, shared to Instagram on Friday, to a whole new level.

The photo gallery that Hamman proudly featured on her Instagram page featured her wearing oversized orange hoop earrings, while another photo showed her posing seductively in a leather corset bikini top and bikini bottoms. orange bikini.

Fans tuned in to the latest image in which Hammam could be seen wearing a very cropped crop top and leggings that stylishly included cutouts on the sides.(RELATED: Anne Hathaway is swinging on a practice rope and no one is complaining)

This isn’t Hammam’s first appearance in Vogue. In 2021, vogue saudi made a point of sharing with the world that Hammam’s aesthetic beauty matched her inner beauty and dedicated part of their feature film to nod to Hammam’s humanitarian efforts as a global ambassador of “It’s the first.”

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