Fashion and fitness model Anjali Kapoor kicks off the Holi season with a vibrant photo shoot

Holi stands for fun and colors of joy. No matter how old we are, we all love throwing a splash of color and clicking colorful pictures. Content creator Anjali Kapoor enthusiastically enjoyed the festival of colors this year. Known for her impeccable style, she is a fashion and fitness model who is all the rage on social media. It hasn’t been that long for her in the web space, but Anjali Kapoor has a family of over 665,000 followers on Instagram.

The influencer before the holi season did a photo shoot, and it must be said that she shines brightly in the desi avatar. Anjali opted for a white saree and was in her element to celebrate the colorful festival. She did her photo shoot with Deepak Nath Gupta. Along with her jaw-dropping snaps, the influencer created reel videos which she uploaded to the gram. In one of her videos, Anjali was seen showing off MyFitness Peanut Butter. It must be said that Anjali Kapoor is quite disciplined with her diet regardless of the holiday season.

Considered an up-and-coming name in the fitness industry, she pays equal attention to yoga and meditation. Anjali is a certified physical trainer and athlete. In addition, she is proficient in aerobics and MMA. The fitness content she creates has helped her drive impressive social media engagement. Striving for excellence, Anjali Kapoor intends to bring a revolution in the fitness industry.

In various instances, the majority of his posts have taken the internet by storm. The influencer was previously featured in the song titled “I Don’t Know” by Eklavya Padam. As a content creator, Anjali has always been ready to take on new challenges and create stimulating content. Apart from her beauty, she has caught everyone’s attention for her toned physique.

While filming holi was one of Anjali’s fun experiences, she is happy that things have gone back to normal after the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. As restrictions have eased, the influencer hopes everything will return to normal as before in the coming months.

In addition to fitness, Anjali Kapoor’s content game always focuses on fashion, lifestyle and travel. The influencer soon plans to expand her horizons by bringing newer content to her followers. Despite a busy schedule, the influencer never skips her fitness regimen and she urges everyone to lead a healthy and disciplined life.

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