Finance Lobby’s Online Marketplace Model for CRE Benefits New Normal Real Estate Trends

According to Forbes, CRE transaction volumes in the first ten months of 2021 increased by 64% compared to the comparable period of 2020, and the trend seems to continue to increase exponentially in 2022.

2022 is probably the best time to invest in commercial real estate as demand for commercial properties rebounds from the setbacks of the past two years. As CRE continues to recover and experience increased demand, prominent industry players like Finance Hall are at the forefront of these predicted trends, starting with the company’s online marketplace model for CRE funding.

Work from anywhere is here to stay

As more people continue to work from home or engage in a hybrid work environment, digital real estate continues to rise. The work-from-anywhere phenomenon has also pushed the rental and ownership markets to an all-time high, driving increased demand for data centers, infrastructure and cell towers, and industrial logistics facilities in areas away from central business districts.

As more and more people continue to work from home and elsewhere, the demand for businesses catering to this market, such as coworking spaces, tech hubs, lounges or coffee shops, is also increasing.

Out of office

As businesses around the world navigate the post-pandemic work environment, new renting and leasing behaviors have emerged. For example, hybrid working arrangements have paved the way for companies to lease or move into smaller office spaces. Some locations also granted rental flexibility, including flexible or short-term rental terms, free parking, and subletting.

The remote work trend has allowed others to return to their hometowns away from the big cities, paving the way for better real estate opportunities in suburban and rural areas. In fact, surveys show a 10% increase in rental rates in small towns with lower commercial vacancy rates, and demand for warehouses and distribution centers beyond metropolitan areas has also become rampant. .

Safe from e-commerce

While the e-commerce industry has seen growing success over the past couple of years and has helped bolster industrial leasing for warehouses, storage facilities and distribution centers, there are some activities that are even better valued in the marketplace. ‘outside. Restaurants, hair and nail salons, cinemas, hotels and vacation rentals are some of the few places that immediately recovered as health restrictions gradually eased. Further opportunities in these areas are expected to continue in 2022.

Finance Lobby and its online marketplace model

These predicted trends for 2022 were driven by changes in the industry and consumer behavior in 2021. As the real estate industry as a whole continues to “play by ear” while meeting the demands of the new normal, Finance Hall has already made its mark in the CRE sector with its revolutionary commercial real estate finance marketplace model. Brokers and lenders can collaborate much more efficiently through the online platform by eliminating the tedious procedure of back and forth communication just to complete a transaction.

Lenders can create up to four variations of their loan terms, and brokers can instantly compare offers to get the best deals for their clients, all operating according to their specified preferences.

Finance Hall already has over 3,500 lenders and borrowers using the platform and has already facilitated over $600 million in CRE transactions in 2022. With new economic trends and increased demand for commercial real estate in 2022, Finance Lobby continues to prove to be an influential market leader in the space and is assured of a successful year ahead.

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