Fitness model accused of stabbing Hell’s Kitchen roommate for punching him


A muscular fitness model who came to New York to dance at a gay strip club landed in handcuffs after attempting to kill his roommate who he said punched him, authorities said on Wednesday.

Geoffrey Tracy, 25, of Gilroy, Calif., Allegedly stabbed Gregory Kanczes, 50, 16 times after the older man attempted to grab his private parts, according to police and a source familiar with the matter.

He was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday for attempted murder and sexual assault and being held on $ 500,000 bail for the August 14 gruesome attack inside Hell’s Kitchen in Kanczes.

The victim is in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital, cops say.

“Mr. Tracy is a gentle soul, who, like many attractive young men and women, has been the victim of predators seeking to exploit him for his beauty and take advantage of his youthful naivety,” said his defense lawyer Thomas. Kenniff.

The violent altercation occurred a few days after Tracy arrived in New York City.

A strip club owner spotted photos of the personal trainer online and lured him into the Big Apple with promises to dance easily at a gay club.

“He told her he could make a ton of money, bought her a ticket and took him on a plane,” the source said.

The owner arranged for Tracy, a San Jose state graduate, to crash into the Kanczes pad on West 49th Street near Ninth Avenue.

But by the fourth night in the dingy apartment, Tracy became uncomfortable.

The victim allegedly started rubbing Tracy’s legs, then brought her hands closer to his groin and confessed to assaulting him while he was asleep, the source said.

When the competitive bodybuilder resisted the frightening advances, Kanczes allegedly blocked the front door and threatened to kidnap him, according to Kenniff.

The criminal complaint says that at 4:49 a.m., Tracy repeatedly slashed Kanczes, stabbing him in the neck, chest, shoulder and ribs.

Kanczes’ ex-boyfriend Normand La Chance called Tracy a “con artist” and called her claims of self-defense bogus.

“He is [the suspect] so muscular and Greg isn’t, ”said La Chance, who dated Kanczes for 12 years. “You could have thrown it away and ran out the door.” You don’t stab anyone.

La Chance said Kanczes was unlucky and let crooks stay in his apartment for extra money. “Greg is not like that, he is not a predator,” he added.

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