Fitness model called ‘fat’ during pregnancy bounces back with epic transformation

A fitness influencer described as ‘fat’ during pregnancy has bounced back after giving birth – and it only took her weeks to get back to the gym.

Yanyah Milutinović from New York, USA exercised throughout her pregnancy.

Then, when it came to giving birth, she was able to deliver her second child Vuk without too much trouble.

The 34-year-old revealed: “I was in labor for a total of seven hours but pushed my 9lb son in one push – and in less than 30 seconds.

“It is absolutely remarkable! And I’m so proud of myself and my body.

It took Yanyah a while to recover from childbirth, but she was keen to get back to exercising as soon as possible.

Yanyah Milutinović’s impressive postpartum body transformation

The gym bunny, who also lives with her police officer husband Risel Martinez, 31, and their eldest daughter, Smiljana, three, has focused on fitness goals.

She started slow – but ended up squatting 225 pounds (about 16th) five weeks after giving birth.

Yanyah said: “I started with breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises as early as three days after labor, but was back in the gym at 2.5 weeks postpartum.

“I was focusing on my recovery and my physical performance and not so much on the aesthetics after giving birth.

“Over the past four months, I have safely rebuilt my strength after giving birth. I have even exceeded my strength in many lifts, lifting much heavier than I have ever had in my life. .”

Yanyah trains in the gym after her pregnancy
Yanyah trains in the gym after her pregnancy

“Since I literally couldn’t get up off the couch on my own without any help, I’m now able to squat 405 pounds.

“From not being able to pick up anything off the floor, I now easily lift 315 pounds for 10 reps.”

Yanyah, who follows a healthy balanced diet, has lost two stones in the four weeks since giving birth and has also achieved other impressive milestones.

She said: “My goal was to squat 225 pounds, which I reached at five weeks postpartum. And my second goal was 315 pounds, which I reached at nine weeks postpartum.

“Then at five months postpartum, I squatted 405 pounds for one rep; and I had my big total, which was squat, deadlift, and chest press in 60 minutes, at 920 pounds.”

Yanyah (pictured here before pregnancy)
Yanyah (pictured here before pregnancy) was branded ‘fat’ as she was expecting her second child

The fitness fanatic also worked hard on her pelvic floor muscles.

Yanyah shares her fitness videos on her Instagram page, where she has over 330,000 followers, and advises others on life in the gym since giving birth.

While many have been supportive of her content, she’s faced some keyboard warriors since becoming an influencer.

She said: “I get comments like ‘You’re fat’, ‘You’re disgusting’, ‘Oh you’ve put on a lot of weight’, ‘You shouldn’t have trained while pregnant, but it’s is the time to focus on it, look how hideous you are now’, ‘She’s too tall’, ‘You look like a man’, ‘Remember you’re a woman’ and throw emoticons just to name just a few things.”

Yanyah won’t let the trolls hold her back.

She added: “I’ve had lots of positive, uplifting and kind feedback – lots of women and mothers who find inspiration, motivation, encouragement and empowerment in what I do. makes you very happy!

“I think it’s important to remind yourself how amazing your body is and what it has achieved.

“Be kind to yourself and try to fall in love with the journey rather than the goal.

“And just like that, you will always find happiness in the process of change!”

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