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Bakhar Nabieva of Azerbaijan recorded 662,000 views thanks to his training and black contacts

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“Miss Iron Bum” is a fitness model who is called “demon”

A fitness fanatic nicknamed “Miss Iron Bum” takes the world by storm with her mind-blowing workouts, equally stunning muscles and otherworldly eyes.

Fitness model Bakhar Nabieva is instantly recognizable by his thighs, ripped torso and dark black pupils.

This combination of extreme physique combined with dark black contact lenses has led fans to compare her to an alien.

“Are you from this universe? one fan asks, while others comment on Bakhar’s look, saying “certainly the most magnificent alien I have ever seen”.

Some seem more shocked at the appearance of the fitness models with one asking the question, “Are you a demon?”

Fitness model Bakhar Nabieva drew comparisons with an alien


@ bakharnabieva / Jam Press)

Her combination of extreme physique combined with dark black contact lenses led fans to believe she was from another planet


@ bakharnabieva / Jam Press)

Others even claim that she is from the underworld: “I’m sorry but you are the fucking devil.”

Dedicated to her training schedule, the 22-year-old said she didn’t get caught up in the hype.

She said: “My goals don’t end for anyone. Either you support me or I do it alone, either way it will happen.”

But as admirable as that feeling can be, it was Bakhar’s alternative approach to fitness photos and workout videos that got him the most attention and an army of fans.

The gym bunny, originally from Azerbaijan, chose to post photos and movies all with their backs turned.

While most photos and workout videos on Instagram show someone training from the front, fans of Bakhar’s posts see the rear view.

She has an army of fans thanks to her bulging muscles


@ bakharnabieva / Jam Press)

Bakhar’s alternate take on fitness photos and workout videos got him the most attention and an army of fans


@ bakharnabieva / Jam Press)

Unsurprisingly, this new angle has earned her a multitude of admirers – she currently has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account, @bakharnabieva.

She has been called “Miss Iron Bum” by some, while others have called her a “goddess” for her rock-solid physique and strong thighs.

Her latest video workout drew 662,000 views and hundreds of comments, such as “gosh you’re so hot”, “so handsome”, “nice legs on a perfect 10” and “you can kill someone. one with those legs, girl “.

Bakhar, who lives in Dnipropetrovsk in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, western Ukraine, says she hasn’t always had that physique.

When she was growing up, other children made fun of her naturally slender figure and especially her skinny legs.

She said: “I decided to change the situation, I was sick of people looking at me.”

Bakhar made it his mission to train regularly and hasn’t looked back since.

Azerbaijan-born fitness fanatic chooses to post back-to-back photos and movies


@ bakharnabieva / Jam Press)

She said: “I started going to the gym and had no idea how to properly create an exercise routine, so I just started working on the physical part, and one day I was woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and saw some muscles.

“Once I saw the result of muscle building, nothing could stop me.”

Although fitness is his passion, his social media audience has grown rapidly.

In addition to her legion of Instagram fans, she currently has nearly 16,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she posts workouts and discussions.

Local media called her a fitness goddess with “a crazy body, with curves bigger than the earth we stand on.”

Despite her upside down approach to workout videos, she will continue to push in the gym.

“I’m about to change the whole game,” she wrote in a recent post.

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