Former model Hanna Hansen in action this weekend

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After a successful professional debut – a second round TKO against Nana Chakhvasvili in mid-June – former model and world kickboxing champion Hanna Hansen will step into the professional boxing ring for the second time this Saturday evening at the famous Universum Gym. in Hamburg, Germany.

Light middleweight Hansen will face 34-fight veteran Klaudia Vigh in six two-minute rounds. Taking just a week’s break after his first fight, Hansen went through an intense training camp with his trainer, former world title challenger Maurice Weber, at the state-of-the-art Sturm Gym in Cologne.

“Everything went according to plan,” said Hansen with just a few days to go until the night of the fight. “We had a great sparring, I’m in great shape and just can’t wait to get back in the ring.”

Among others, Hansen trained with Christina Hammer, the current two-division super middleweight world champion. “It was a great experience working with such a great champion like Christina,” said Hansen.

“It has helped me a lot to face someone who is truly one of the best fighters in the world, so I want to thank Christina for coming to camp. It’s great to see women helping women check in. big things In the days of modeling, the only thing I ever experienced was competition.

“No one wanted to share the limelight, no one wanted to help another girl. It’s not who I am and I’m happy to have like-minded people around me. Of course boxing is an individual sport, but if we all work together we can put women’s boxing back on the scene in Germany. I want to be a part of it and that’s what I work for day in and day out. “

While the transition from kickboxing to soft science was somewhat problematic the first time around, the second pure boxing training camp went a lot easier for Hansen. “It’s improving day by day. I have a great team, a great coach, and without them I wouldn’t be here.

Maurice pushes me to the max every day, he teaches me new things and continues to perfect my boxing skills. I was happy with our first camp together, but this one is even better. I’m absolutely ready for Saturday night and will take the win home to my two daughters. Weber added, “I admire his work ethic. When it comes to training discipline, there’s Felix Sturm, then Hanna.

“But that’s exactly what she needs to do if she is to realize her dream of becoming a world champion. It won’t be easy, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Hanna is 37, so we have no time to waste. Hansen’s comments made Hansen smile: “It’s such a nice compliment to be compared to a legend like Felix. Boxing is my passion and I will continue to do what I have to do to learn, improve and win a world title. ”

Aside from his rigorous training regimen, Hansen also focuses on recovery between workouts. She is a regular at a local cold room and adds physical therapy to her busy schedule at least twice a week. “I believe your body is a temple,” Hansen said.

“So you have to treat it like one. At 20 I felt like I didn’t need a lot of regeneration, I thought my body could handle whatever I throw at it. But at 37, he surely needs time to heal. I’m a lot smarter with my body now and it’s paying off. I believe that recovery also plays an important role in staying healthy and avoiding injury. When I was still doing kickboxing I had a fight with a broken foot, an injury that happened a few days before the fight, and I don’t want it to repeat.

Boxing fans can watch Hansen’s second professional fight live on Saturday night on Bild Plus, FiteTV and the UniversumTV YouTube channel. The Universum Box-Promotion event will be featured by two heavyweight title fights: undefeated Zhan Kossobutskiy and Joey Dawejko will collide for the WBA International strap, while undefeated Cubans Jose Larduet and Santander Silgado are expected to collide fight for the vacant WBC Latino belt.

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