Is Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” sabotaging her business model?

On August 28, Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. Although Swift’s attendance was in support of her nominated self-directed short and Musical clip “All Too Good (10 Minute Version) (Taylor Version),” fans were quick to speculate about possible (real-life) Easter eggs the artist is famous for. Swift’s nominations were for ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’, her second re-recorded album since Scooter Braun bought the master recordings of his first six studio albums.

With parted bangs, striking jeweled makeup and an Oscar De La Renta mini dress Made up of dazzling chains, Swift’s look made fans think she was first referencing her tub of jewelry in 2017’s ‘What You Made Me Do Look’ Musical clip. Although she was technically supporting “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, fans hoped she might have had a later plan to announce her next re-recorded album, which fans say will be 2017’s “Reputation”. Others have compared the mini dress to the silver KaufmanFranco dress she wore when she accepted the Video of the Year award that kicked off her feud with Kanye West at the VMAs just 13 years ago in 2009. Many had hoped and anticipated an announcement this summer, because “Red (Taylor’s Version)” came out just eight months after “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”.

However, the eight-month mark has passed since the release of his re-recorded second album in November 2021, and with the ongoing “Shake it Off” lawsuits regarding allegedly miscredited lyricsfans latched onto her appearance hoping for an announcement.

And they were rewarded. After winning Video of the Year for her short film and music video, Swift began by thanking her fans: “I’m so proud of what we’ve done and I know every second of this moment that we don’t. couldn’t have made this short if it wasn’t for you, the fans,” Swift said. “I couldn’t re-record my albums if it wasn’t for you.

With only two re-recordings released, most fans suspected the announcement of one of the remaining four at that time. However, Swift surprised them with something that curved her entire business model: “I decided that if you were to be so generous and give us this… I thought it might be a fun time to tell you that my new album is coming October 21, and I’ll let you know more at midnight.

The album, titled “Midnights”, follows the stories of 13 of Swift’s sleepless nights throughout her life and career. His 10th original studio album may come years too soon, but fans aren’t complaining. This begs the question: does the decision to release a 10th original studio album put a damper on his lucrative business model to reclaim his discography?

Strangely, it doesn’t look like it. His albums have consistently outperformed his competitors, whether advertised on release day as “folklore” and “evermore”, or his more traditionally well-planned studio releases “Lover” and “1989”.

The announcement, which deviates from his plan to re-release his albums over the course of several years, may confuse some members of the public, especially since no artist in recent memory has embarked on such a journey to re-record. and reclaim his albums globally. acclaimed studio albums.

However, the public has received this new album well and fans believe that it will explicitly draw inspiration from the nights of his life and career – perhaps this album is a cumulative representation of all of his albums. Some speculate that each track could be a vault track, which would be consistent with his re-recordings, which each feature their own unreleased tracks.

The tracklist is perhaps ominously made up of generic titles. Instead of more specific titles, each song is named after its track number: “Track One”, “Track Two”, etc. While Swift is known for her clever titles, if these track names don’t just hide the real titles that will be revealed later, this will be one of her most inventive track listings ever.

Although the announcement of “Midnights” came as both a surprise that fans hadn’t anticipated and a diversion from his album’s current re-release schedule, it is already expected to be a success, and its release, coupled with clever marketing, will no doubt justify its early launch. Arrivals.

It’s remarkable that 13 years after Kanye first berated her when she won Video of the Year, Swift not only won the same award 13 years later, but she’s still in control of the narrative. .

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