Jason Johnson Wins Male Fitness Model Title And Gets His Pro Card


From left to right: Jason Johnson, Nardo Dean and Wellington Wallace.




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WITH World Beauty and Fitness Fashion (WBFF) back in town to host the Bahamas International Pro-Am show on Saturday at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamian bodybuilders Jason Johnson and Wellington Miller made good use of their opportunity to show off their skills.

Johnson won the male fitness model title and got his professional card in the process, while Miller finished second in the muscular male category and third in the male fitness model category.

The duo were the only two Bahamians to appear on the show, which drew a large number of international contestants but very few fans due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“It was a good experience. This is my first time participating in the WBFF. It was different from the male physique of the IBFF (International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation). I had a wonderful time. was a lot of fun, ”said Johnson, who indicated that if he got the chance to compete again, he would do it again.

“I just went there to compete. It was about conditioning. I had a lot of fun. I didn’t know I was going to go first. I just wanted to have fun and compete. I really enjoyed it. My energy was different.

Competing at home in the COVID-19 environment didn’t really affect Johnson, who noted that being at home he felt comfortable on stage, even though he wished there were more spectators in the stands.

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” said Johnson, who has competed in bigger crowds since making his 2019 debut in the IFBB men’s physique.

Johnson, a fitness instructor at the Gaines for Life Gym on Soldier Road, operated by himself and LaFleur, said whatever show comes up he’ll be participating, whether it’s the WBFF or the IFBB.

During the show, Johnson, 30, said he and Miller are committed to helping each other on and off the stage, providing the moral support needed to get through the competition.

Miller, 40, agreed with Johnson that the show was completely different from the looks of the IFBB men while he was a costumed model.

“It was a different experience, a good exhibition. We really didn’t have a lot of people because it was a small show, but I was fortunate enough to do some good networking, ”said Miller, who is also a personal trainer at Gaines for Life Gym.

“I was able to wear a costume and do more modeling. The poses were a bit more subtle.

“It wasn’t as strong as the men’s physical pose. I still have a chance to show my physique, ”Miller added.

If he has the opportunity to come back next year, Miller said he would still like to compete. He said he just wanted to test the waters of the WBFF and see how well he could perform.

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