JD com: develops a new model of intelligence distribution chain with Hitaly

by Yiming Yan

JD.com and Hitaly signed a cooperation agreement on December 16, in which the two sides will cooperate in various fields such as online and offline retail, cross-border e-commerce, international and domestic logistics and warehousing. and the fintech supply chain. Dr Paul Yan, vice president of JD.com and president of JD Retail Cloud, and Stard Huang, vice president of JD.com and president of the international logistics division of JD, attended the signing ceremony.

JD will provide customized solutions for Hitaly through JD Retail Cloud, which will provide a technology platform and related technical services covering all aspects of the industrial chain, including sourcing, operations and inventory.

For business cooperation, JD will open online and offline channels for Hitaly, provide support for Hitaly’s cross-border product sales operations in JD Worldwide and help build the Hitaly smart business park.

Regarding the logistics business, JD will provide integrated supply chain services to Hitaly through digital technology and support of equipment such as unmanned warehouses, 3D warehouses and AGV robots for warehousing. , transport and distribution.

The two sides will also accelerate the construction of a supply chain fintech platform and explore deeper and wider cooperation.

Leveraging the experiences accumulated in the retail industry over years, JD Retail Cloud has developed the ability to provide technology platforms and technical services to create a complete chain of production, supply and sales in B2B and B2C enterprises, which will effectively improve the efficiency of business operations. while reducing overall procurement and inventory costs for partners.

“The cooperation between JD.com and Hitaly is a good start for both sides to promote the transformation of the industrial chain into digital intelligence, and the two sides will continue to deepen the partnership, actively integrate the superior capabilities of multi-channel online and offline. to promote business growth and create a new model of digital intelligence in the retail industry, ”said Dr. Paul Yan, vice president of Jingdong group and president of Jingdong Retail Cloud.

Hitaly is a world-renowned business management company that focuses on supply chain innovation in retail shopping complexes and has invested in projects such as Shanghai’s Hitaly Outlet Shopping Park.

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