Kartik Sharma – A young model and an inspiration to many.


“The secret of modeling is not perfect. What we need is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to give you what nature needs, and what you need is to bring something new.

With these motivating words I would like to present an inspiration to many teenagers and a sensational role model, “Mr Kartik Sharma”. A model in the fashion industry, with her dedication and hard work, has gone through several stages and that too at a very young age. Kartik is the Brand Ambassador for India’s leading event management company, appreciated by dynamic entrepreneur “Purujit Singh” for his excellence.

Kartik has currently collaborated with several leading photographers and production houses present in the industry for the shoots. With exceptional talent, a seductive look, a magnificent personality and uniqueness, Kartik seized the opportunity to secure a starring role in an upcoming music video presented by Big Projects, BS & NS PRODUCTIONS.

Modeling isn’t just about going for trendy walks, sit ups, a plus size, perfect jawline, and beautiful face. It’s about dealing with constant pressure, staying in shape all the time, being consistent in workouts, practicing new looks, staying dedicated to learning and, most importantly, being true to passion.

Speaking of his journey, Karthik said: “I don’t worry about difficulties because they are a part of life and facing them makes me stronger. You have to learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward to be successful.”

Besides being a fitness enthusiast, he also practices meditation to keep his body alive. We must not stop learning; With this ideology, Kartik always aims to keep working and improving his skills constantly. He also believes in being in good mental health because that is how one can achieve a good physique.

The amount of hard work that he provides will surely be enough to have a bright future and a long way to go in the ever-changing business. Kartik is an enthusiastic, young and focused person from the capital, Delhi. With a solid reputation, Kartik signed with Big Projects for the leading event company in India, and he is now also the brand ambassador. Recently, Kartik has been appreciated by comedian Raju Srivastava and he has also represented the Big Projects company at Ayodhya Fashion Runway Eve in Lucknow.

Kartik was recently awarded the famous MTV Aahna Sharma.

Through his journey, we can learn that we should not stop working to make our dream come true. From constant learning and strong dedication, we can achieve what we strive to achieve.

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