KMSCL model: corrupt officials get full protection, whistleblowers get marching orders | Kerala News

Thiruvananthapuram: An unusual attempt is underway within Kerala Medical Services Corporation Limited (KMSCL) to quell massive corruption worth millions of rupees that some corrupt officials have resorted to during the lockdown in connection with emergency purchases related to COVID.

As part of this movement, the termination of services was considered against employees who acted as whistleblowers by exposing the scam. But at the same time, corrupt officials at the top enjoy full protection against any kind of disciplinary action.

A justification notice was received by Karunya’s deputy purchasing manager and deputy manager, who reported at the highest level the deletion of 3,000 files from the KMSCL computer network. But on the other hand, the action against the employees, who were responsible for deleting sensitive files on various purchases, has been reduced to a simple suspension.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George, who is not satisfied with the development of the situation, has entrusted a new agency with the task of carrying out a new audit of the accounts from 2016. The audit by the general account is progressing in parallel. Action against senior officials is expected to be launched once audit reports are issued.

Move to save corrupt causes heartburn

The decision to save the skin of those who engaged in irregularities and corruption in the COVID-related emergency purchasing snowballed into a major crisis in the KMSCL.

Without tendering or quotes, drugs, PPE kits and medical equipment, including oxygen beds, were purchased three times as much as the actual price by the KMSCL under the direction of corrupt officials. Many junk products were thrown into company funds without even registering it in the inventory register.

Even the teacher of former health minister KK Shailaja, during whose tenure these purchases were made, is responsible. But when asked, she answered all of these questions by saying that all purchases were made with the consent of the Chief Minister.

No audit since 2016

Only auditors close to corrupt KMSCL officials were used to audit the organizations’ accounts. From 2016, the accounts have not been audited.

During the lockdown period of COVID-19, massive purchases of products worth millions of rupees were undertaken. The purchase orders were given from the CEO’s laptop. Finally, 3000 files related to the purchase were deleted from the official computer system.

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