Meet the multi-talented model and entrepreneur “Amanda Van Annan”


Amanda Van Annan’s book “Win the Runway” is a godsend for aspiring young models looking for a future in modeling. The modeling industry is very competitive, and becoming a top model is no easy task.

Amanda Van Annan herself has been through it all, and she knows it all too well, that newbie models would love to show them how to be successful in the modeling world. Amanda Van Annan draws on all upcoming models in the modeling industry based on her experiences in her book “Win ​​The Runway” on how to become a successful model.

Amanda Van Annan, at only 16 years old, recognized her talent and had already imposed herself to pursue her passion after knowing the artist in her. Even after being born into a family of politicians, Amanda Van Annan had chosen a different path for her future.

After a year as a promising alumnus at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, renowned makeup artist Susie Solis chose Amanda Van Annan for her potential to be a good model. And as a famous model, Amanda Van Annan began to carve out a prosperous future in the modeling business.

Amanda Van Annan Her reputation as a renowned model has grown steadily over the years in the modeling industry. Known for her fashion and acting career, Amanda Van Annan has been filming and performing on catwalks in several major cities, including London, Milan, New York and Paris.

Amanda Van Annan’s passion for modeling and acting and for making an impact on the lives of others didn’t end there. She wanted to use the knowledge and experience she has after having been in the modeling industry for years to help others achieve their full potential as a model.

Amanda Van Annan in her book “Win The Runway” explains all about the modeling industry in detail, which can help the model join the modeling industry to be successful. Amanda Van Annan herself is one of the top models in the modeling industry.

Amanda Van Annan regularly engages in activities that help people around the world. Amanda Van Annan is actively involved in the Campaign for Women’s Education (CAMFED), an international non-governmental organization that raises funds to help underprivileged African girls.

This is one of the many projects in which Amanda Van Annan is involved. She enjoys all the happiness that comes from helping others. And involve her in things that make a difference in the lives of others.

Posted on June 17, 2021

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