Model rapid commissioning contract presented for US Navy Task Force 59 unmanned systems in the Middle East

by Michel Fabey

US Navy Task Force 59 is experimenting with Saildrone platforms. (Saildrone)

According to Michael Stewart, USN’s Chief of Unmanned Task Force, the contract model used by United States Navy (USN) Task Force 59 (TF 59) enables rapid fielding, testing and evaluation unmanned systems in the Middle East.

“Task Force 59 uses a fee-for-service contract model,” Stewart said May 25 during a media roundtable on unmanned systems work. “They can get stuff out really quickly. They see it, praise it, bring it into the theater and test it.

Established by the U.S. 5th Fleet in September 2021, TF 59 works closely with members of industry and academia as well as other experts to provide feedback to operators and help move the process forward. innovation for unmanned systems.

TF 59 is testing the limits of commercial technology, Stewart noted. “They’re trying to be on the cutting edge of the business [technology] and see what the gaps are.

In particular, he cited the task force’s work with Martac Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) and Saildrone Unmanned Platforms.

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