Quin69 mocks Diablo 4’s Battle Pass “earn rewards for free” model

Tic streamer Quin69 recently had harsh words for Diablo 4 battle pass, mocking the game for announcing its “earn rewards for free” model.

Quin69 has had fierce opposition to the current microtransaction trend found prominently in many modern video game titles. The livestreamer, however, was particularly critical of Blizzard Diablo securities. Shortly after the launch of Diablo ImmortalQuin69 paid $10,000 into the game to protest the game’s RNG, pay-to-win system.

Diablo 4 The most recent battle pass is apparently the next target of Quin69’s microtransaction wrath. The game features multiple tiers in its new battle pass, allowing players to pay for the premium version or gradually unlock items on the free version. Despite allowing players to unlock rewards without paying, Quin69 found it absurd to even promote this battle pass feature.

“It’s a fucking video game that I bought. Are you telling me that I can play the game I purchased? ” the Tic said the streamer. “Gaming in 2022, man. Holy shit. Guys, you can buy this game and earn rewards for free just by playing. You don’t even need to put in your credit card, just play the game you purchased.

However Diablo 4 Battle Pass is available on several levels, it seems that Quin69 took a more fundamental problem with the very need to express a free version. Although it’s unclear if the Twitch streamer will play Diablo 4 inasmuch as it made the franchise’s mobile entry, it currently doesn’t seem impressed with what the title has to offer gamers.

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