‘RHOA’ Season 14: Kandi Not Excited To Pose For Sanya’s Black Friday Shoot With Kenya

Sanya Richards-Ross asks fellow castmates Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore to pose for her company’s commercial campaign in an upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Kandi can be seen in a preview for this week’s episode, questioning the purpose of the shoot.

‘RHOA’ is back and better than ever for its 14th season. Despite having been on the air for nearly a decade, Bravo’s success continues to heat up. The next installment of the ensemble title, which is already steeped in drama, is proving to be a must-watch. The preview for the upcoming episode highlights the tension surrounding Sanya’s photoshoot for her business.


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Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore in ‘RHOA’ Season 14 (Bravo)

Olympic champion Sanya Richards-Ross chose to redefine motherhood holistically. As she became a parent, Sanya spotted a hole and a double opportunity: to build a platform that celebrates the wholeness of motherhood and women and to provide a support structure as she transitioned from athletics to maternity. As a result, she created MommiNation.com, a digital portal. To market her brand, she decides to call on her new casting comrades “RHOA”.

Kenya Moore comes to the filming location in the preview, where she is greeted by Sanya and Kandi, who are already there. Sanya informs the two of her fall collection shoot when they arrive. She claims to have brought three hoodies for Kenya and Kandi to model. Kenya, who had no idea she had been invited to the set to model, is baffled. She tells Sanya that she didn’t know she had to participate in the filming since Sanya forgot to mention it. Sanya, on the other hand, thinks she gave them all the required information regarding the shoot. When Sanya wonders if she has jeans or sneakers for the photoshoot, Kenya urges her to check out her agency! Despite Sanya’s amusement, Kenya can be seen in a confessional, searching for a “receipt” that confirms her role in the project. Kandi also adds in his confessional that “Kenya really doesn’t do anything without a cheque.”

When Sanya confesses the photoshoot is for her brand, MommiNation, Kenya asks if it’s for the website or the clothing promotions. Sanya informs them as the shoot is for their new line of hoodies, which is especially for the Black Friday sale. Kandi was upset when she learned she was now (reluctantly) doing part of a Black Friday Sale ad. Kenya and Kandi can’t believe they’ve been called in for a Black Friday Sale shoot, which Kandi says would make them look “cheap” given the premise of the event. When Sanya finally asks the ladies if they want to pose for her, Kenya says she might consider waiving her fee for the day.

Drew Sidora and Marlo Hampton, meanwhile, reunite over a meal to discuss their relationship issues and hope to rebuild their friendship. During their conversation, Marlo asks Drew if she was invited to Sanya’s photo shoot for her brand. Drew claims she was not only invited but also “uninvited” to the shoot, implying that Sanya had issued her with “an official dis-invitation”.

To find out what happened during the photoshoot and what friendship turned sour, tune into Bravo this Sunday, June 12 at 8 p.m.

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