Same Outfits, Different Vibes: BTS Model V and A wore the same outfit but hinted at conflicting vibes

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From his K-Drama appearances to his proportional looks, V has what he needs. After all, there’s more to professional modeling than just looking pretty. It’s about knowing how to frolic and move, how to stand, and how to exude a particular emotion that reflects the clothes you wear.

The models are like fresh canvases, ready to be painted with beautiful clothes and makeup.
The best models are usually very fast, which can become any “character” a photographer needs.

Both an idol and an actor, V has managed to slip into character and work with the camera, whether on stage, in the studio, or at award shows.

Now, for the Fall/Winter 2019 collection, PRADA has launched a striking red and black palette on the catwalk. The model wore a bright red cardigan with head-to-toe black, mixing textures and patterns. He also carried a leather handbag to match his shoes.

The model served a vampiric tone at the PRADA show. While, V, on the other hand, was giving off “Good Boy” vibes when he rocked the same outfit at the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA).

Unlike PRADA’s model, V is accessorized with a statement earring paired with a crisp white button-down shirt. He also changed the loafers for a pair of black boots.

Both Prada and V models did it justice, but which look do you prefer?

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