SNL Pete Davidson debuted as a runway model at Alexander Wang


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It was 80 degrees Friday night in New York City, but the Rockefeller Center ice rink was hopping nonetheless. In the large crowd: hundreds of tourists, all fashion regulars, a large gold statue of Poseidon, and Pete Davidson, who was not around to film SSaturday night live but rather to make a surprise model debut on Alexander Wang’s Spring 2019 runway show.

Wang chose the classic New York venue to present a collection dedicated to American fashion pioneers – designers like Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, who “paved the way” for Wang’s generation, as he explained later. The show was divided into four sections, notably organized by race. The first 16 models were African American men and women wearing Wang’s take on tailoring, followed by predominantly Asian models wearing “underwear as outerwear” and then other colored models. wearing all-American preppy looks and, finally, Caucasian models like Kendall Jenner wearing all-white suffragette-inspired sportswear. It was clear that Wang was trying to make a statement about the American people – how they are divided and how he hopes fashion can fill those gaps.

Davidson, meanwhile, seemed to exist in his own universe. He walked the Rockefeller Center rink wearing a white tank top that showed off his many tattoos, a belt made to look like an undergarment elastic, and two-tone jeans – half denim, half black leather. He topped it off with an inside-out baseball cap. Not everyone could make such an outfit look casual, but Davidson rushed out onto the runway with a natural model-like apathy, hunching his shoulders and tucking his hands in his front pockets as ‘He was walking. As the audience cheered, Davidson kept a straight face. At one point he bit his lip, which only made everyone more passed out.

“I’ve always wanted to work with him,” Wang said at the start of Cut of Davidson. “For this collection, I was like, ‘Hey, Pete. Would you like to walk? And he literally responded immediately like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ The whole time I thought he was going to cheat and get too nervous and not want to do it, but it was such a sport and he killed it. But Diplo, who was seated in the front row during the show and is never one to hold back, had a different perspective on Davidson’s early days. “Considering he’s a totally sexy actor, he looked a little nervous,” Diplo said afterwards. “But he did well.”

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