Sommer Ray Eyes Up 2020 fitness model in transparent lingerie


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Sommer Ray is just another famous face kissing 2019 goodbye in her underwear – unless you’ve been living under a rock, Kylie Jenner’s last ‘thirst trap’ of the year has nearly break the internet this weekend.

Sommer Ray isn’t quite at the 155 million Instagram follower mark: The fitness model and social media sensation has 23.6 million followers, and she gave them what could be the latest lingerie snap of 2019. The 23-year-old’s latest photos showed her kneeling seductively on a floor pillow and wearing a sheer white bra paired with a naughty thong in patterned blue.

Sommer Ray / Instagram

Sommer’s opening snap was a sizzle. The blonde had long hair in beach waves, her skin was glowing, and fans were given a giant reminder of why this girl has a modeling career.

A quick swipe to the right showed Sommer still on the floor cushion, but she seemed to pull up her tiny little panties and turn to the camera at the right time.

“If you’re bored, check out my youtube channel,” Sommer wrote to accompany his photos.

Sommer Ray / Instagram

Sommer doesn’t have to do much to drive his supporters crazy. The publication of the model quickly gained likes: over 200,000 were registered within 30 minutes of the publication of the post.

Fans were all over the thirsty snaps with their comments.

“Marry me,” wrote one fan.

“I would rather watch you excessively,” said another.

“Are you going to the prom with me?” came from a hopeful fan.

Sommer didn’t appear to be wearing any of his own products today, but make no mistake, this Instagram star has material flying off the shelves.

Sommer Ray / Instagram

Fitness models on Instagram are dime. From Swedish star Anna Nystrom to Nicaraguan model Dolly Castro, the platform is full of sexy women and their dedication to the gym. Some of them, like Sabrina Parr, manage to make themselves a man like Lamar Odom, but for the rest, a regular fan base just needs to do.

Sommer is 33rd on Instagram’s 2019 Rich List and was profiled by Forbes.

“I worked hard for my body. I sculpted it. I’m not just going to keep it in the garage. If you’ve got a Ferrari you’re going to drive it, ”she told the iconic magazine.

If you can trust anything with Instagram, these are less than tasty comments. Sommer’s profile with Forbes saw her put an end to the rumors.

“People always say I have ‘daddy issues’, but my dad was my coach when I was on stage in front of thousands of people in bikinis. In fact, my mom and dad are my biggest supporters.” , she said.

Now a jet setter who often frequents Vegas in a bikini, Sommer is quickly racking up followers due to his icy vibes, infectious personality, and rock hard, super sexy body.

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