Spike Advertising goes black-owned via donation/mentorship model

Spike is now nuwave agency (nwA)

2022 marks the dawn of a new era for State-of-the-art advertising and the Vermont marketing scene, as owner Ken Millman donates the company’s stock and assets to Emiliano Void and Jacques Void.

The new entity is nuwave Agency (nwA), a division of nuwave Equity Corporation (nwEC) – providing a framework, processes and guidance to help businesses and organizations develop and sustain solutions towards a fair workplace, inclusive and diverse.

Spike Advertising, founded 24 years ago by Ken Millman, made “pigs fly” for Northfield Savings Bank, positioned lawyers as “likeable” for Langrock Sperry & Wool and introduced the world to an “apple Pie” practitioner. Chi” for the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.

In recent years, Millman has focused on helping customers articulate and amplify messages promoting the public good, safety and well-being, including the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance (“Phones Down~ Heads Up”), Advance Vermont (post-secondary education as a path to high-paying, high-growth jobs), and the Vermont Department of Health (“KnowOD” – the more we know about overdose prevention, the better is).

“To my knowledge, nwA is the first black-owned and operated cross-border (US/Canada) marketing company,” said Ken Millman.

Emiliano Void, owner of nuwave Equity Corporation (nwEC) [nuwaveco.com] is the parent company, and Spike is now nuwave Agency (nwA), a division of nwEC, serving clients in Vermont and Montreal. “A lot of business owners talk about a good game when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, but few actually speak up to fight systemic racism,” said Emiliano Void, owner of nuwave Equity Corporation. “Ken Millman has taken a big step forward, and we’re excited to take what he did with Spike and take it forward to Vermont and Montreal,” adds Void.

nwA is led by Jacques Void, former head of certification at WB Games in Montreal, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and brother of Emil. “Coming from the high-pressure, fast-paced video game industry, I have learned over the past 10 years to wage war on detail and win with high-performance processes,” said Jacques Void, CEO of nwA. “I enjoy my accelerated mentorship with Ken as we position nwA for clients who want to leverage innovation and technology while challenging and pushing back the status quo of the marketing world,” adds Void.


About nwA: Formerly Spike Advertising, and now a division of nuwave Equity Corp – a North American leader in DEI (diversity | equality | inclusion) consulting – nwA (nuwave Agency) is a Black owned and operated marketing company with offices in Burlington, Vermont, and Montreal, Quebec. Led by Jacques Void, former Head of Certification for WB Games Montreal (a division of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment), nwA takes a pragmatic, process-driven approach to developing, executing and managing your marketing, branding and advertising in emphasizing people, innovation and technology.

For more information contact:
Ken Millman: [email protected] | 802-238-1522
Emiliano Void: [email protected] | 774-262-9353
Jacques Void: [email protected] | 514-606-3311

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