Sunway College, Pioneer of the Revolutionary VU Block Learning Model

THE myriad of twinning programs and partnerships between local and international higher education institutes today offer Malaysian students a greater choice of universities and programs at a more affordable cost. It also allows students to take advantage of the opportunity to complete their studies abroad for a more complete educational experience.

For many years, Australia has been the destination of choice for higher education, primarily for the quality and standard of its universities and programs as well as its proximity to Malaysia.

Sunway College is the only international delivery partner of Victoria University (VU) in Malaysia, offering the VU Bachelor of Business twin program since 1994. Studying VU’s Bachelor of Commerce at Sunway College allows you to earn the same degree affordable, quality VU Business School, and now provides the exact same award-winning block learning model for Malaysian students.

The smart choice for higher education, VU is known for revolutionizing higher education with the introduction of its multi-award-winning VU Block Model of teaching – the first university in Australia to do so, which is builds on the proven success of block programs at universities in Sweden, Canada and the United States.

“Victoria University is the first university in Australia to implement the block model and the first in the world to do so on a large scale. In a recent external review, the block format received many accolades for its structure , its support and achievements Convincingly, we are now consulting with eleven universities in Australia, South East Asia and the UK interested in the model.

Professor Adam Shoemaker, Vice-Chancellor and President of Victoria University

added, “I am delighted that our longest-serving international partner, Sunway College, is the first in the world to adopt the Block model. We have been delivering the VU Bachelor of Business at Sunway for almost 28 years. Starting this year, junior students will have the opportunity to supercharge their learning experience with Victoria University’s groundbreaking teaching model and achieve similar increases in grades and satisfaction rates as our Melbourne students. and Sydney have graduated since 2018. I wish the students of Sunway College all the best in their new learning journey.”

Under the block model, instead of juggling four topics at once, students can focus on one topic at a time. Students learn a subject over a “block” of four weeks. The semester is divided into four blocks. Students will complete a subject by attending, actively participating in class, and being assessed in various ways during the three three-hour teaching sessions per week for four weeks before moving on to the next subject.

With the VU Block model, students will be more engaged in their learning and more likely to achieve academic success. Based on the QILT 2020 student experience survey, VU Australia ranked #3 for learner engagement according to student votes.

It is a collaborative and hands-on approach to learning that better prepares students for today’s workplace. It develops essential problem-solving skills and the ability to work effectively in a team. As a testament to this, employers are increasingly recognizing the abilities of VU graduates, ranking them #1 in Australia for employability skills for two consecutive years according to the 2020 and 2021 QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey with 92, 4% of employers satisfied with VU graduates compared to a national average of 86.3% for all universities. Apart from this, VU graduates are also ranked #2 for adaptive and collaborative skills.

Additionally, VU has received the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards 2021, the Victorian International Education Awards 2018 and the IEAA Excellence Awards.

2018 for his teaching method VU Block Model.

Since the introduction of the VU Block model, VU Australia has recorded first-year pass rates of 87% (up 13% from the standard model) in 2019, while pass rates were 90% for sophomores – a strong indication of the effectiveness of this mode of teaching. Moreover, based on the recent results, VU has achieved a pass rate of up to 93%, 53% above the Distinction level and also ranked No. 1 for overall student experience.

“Block Model mode is becoming the global best practice, for the next generation of learners. It makes learning interesting and focuses on active learning, through: close two-way communications and interactions with teachers, timely and impactful feedback, clear and high expectations, and a spirit of collaboration between students and teachers.That’s why at Sunway College VU we introduced this revolutionary and effective block learning model to benefit learners in Malaysia, shared Dr. Jason Cheok, Director of Undergraduate Program at Sunway College VU.

The exclusive partnership allows students to receive a quality Australian education closer to home.

The exclusive partnership between Sunway College and VU allows students to receive a quality Australian education closer to home. Additionally, students have the opportunity to transfer to VU in Melbourne at any time during the program to gain study experience in one of the world’s most enjoyable cities during the final years of their studies. Students can come to VU Melbourne to complete anywhere from one semester to two full years.

Students can also apply to transfer to other universities in Australia and New Zealand after completing their first year of the VU Bachelor of Business program at Sunway College.

Additionally, Sunway College offers a range of scholarships for eligible students.

Students are promised a quality education that would lead them to a bright future with

The Sunway advantage:

• A pioneer of matchmaking programs in Malaysia

• Strong links with industry

• Flexible transfer options to Australian and New Zealand universities

• Identical program and reduced fees

In addition to academics, Sunway College also has initiatives in place to ensure students become globally-minded citizens of tomorrow – #CampusWithAConscience is the fundamental spirit at the heart of Sunway Campus Life.

This initiative educates, encourages and engages all aspects of the diverse community to adopt a mindful lifestyle and endeavors that truly reflect a society committed to creating a better living environment for this generation and generations to come.

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