Sydney model Benny Mitchell earns $52,000 in eight months with surprising side hustle

A Sydney model earned almost $2,800 in a single weekend while working alongside her.

When Sydney was plunged into instant lockdown in June last year, Benny Mitchell – a model and school sports coach at the time – had to think fast to pay his bills.

A friend suggested he try his hand at Airtasking and soon enough he was advertising moving jobs around town.

“It was actually quite busy because a lot of people were moving and coming back from overseas,” he said.

Camera iconBenny Mitchell started working with Airtasker during the 2021 lockdown. Credit: NCA NewsWire, Instagram. JPG
Benny Mitchell is a model.  Instagram photo 6.JPG
Camera iconBenny Mitchell has modeled for Myer, Ksubi and Abrand Jeans. Credit: NCA NewsWire, Instagram

The model, who has featured in campaigns for Myer, Ksubi and Abrand Jeans, is not the person most likely to get noticed on moving day.

Nevertheless, he managed to make a substantial second income from the secondary hustle.

During a massive four-day stay, Mitchell earned between $500 and $700 a day, for a total of nearly $2.8,000.

He earned over $52,000 in the eight months – the average annual income (after tax) in Australia is around $56,700.

Benny Mitchell is a model.  Photo Instagram.JPG
Camera iconThe model has featured in campaigns for Ksubi, Myer and Abrand Jeans. instagram Credit: NCA NewsWire

The male model is in a unique position to stay afloat as the cost of living skyrockets, factoring gas prices and extra expenses into his pricing.

Airtasker co-founder Tim Fung has revealed new data that shows salary growth at Airtasker is outpacing salary increases in full-time positions.

Cleaners who fit three tasks into their eight-hour day, working five days a week, earn an average of $111,612 per year (before taxes).

Benny Mitchell is a model.  Photo Instagram.JPG
Camera iconAirtasker allows secondary scammers to choose their prices, bringing the cost of living crisis under control. instagram Credit: NCA NewsWire

“Task wages increase in correlation with periods of high inflation, ensuring fair wages during such times,” Fung said.

“If you hustle and keep looking for jobs, you can make some decent money,” Mitchell said.

“It’s a good lifestyle because you can choose your own jobs.”

He often arranges his week in advance to work his Airtasker shifts around his modeling gigs, making sure his last job ends in the eastern suburbs so he can go swimming afterwards.

Benny Mitchell is a model.  Photo Instagram.JPG
Camera iconBenny Mitchell said he likes the flexible lifestyle. instagram Credit: NCA NewsWire

Sharing the load (and the winnings) with his friend Dylan – their rave reviews won 359 five-star ratings – makes it light work.

“It doesn’t even feel like working out, like we’re best friends, we just drive and I like watching it like it’s a practice session,” Mitchell said.

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