Twilight’s Peter Facinelli debuted as a runway model


The Cullen clan of * Twilight ‘* is a beautiful bunch, so it makes perfect sense that Peter Facinelli, who plays the patriarch of the vampire family, started out as a model. “When I was young and good-looking, I modeled for a minute,” Facinelli told us during Giorgio Armani’s New York extravaganza Thursday night. “I did a few parades in New York when I was 19 to pay for my studies. I was going to NYU and studying acting at the time. In fact, I worked with Bruce Weber. He put me in a Versace campaign with Christy Turlington.

Facinelli isn’t sure, but he thinks the last time he met Armani was back then. “It was such a pleasure to see him again tonight, to be here and be a part of it,” he said.

There is no better word than “extravagance” to describe what the iconic Italian designer presented at what Mayor Bloomberg dubbed “Giorgio Armani Day” in the city. Her full-scale fashion show brought together 700 people, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Watts, Glenn Close, Hilary Swank, Ellen Barkin and Ricky Martin.

Mr. Armani greeted his guests throughout the evening. “He usually complains that I’m wearing his old clothes, but tonight I’m wearing something new,” Jeremy Irons told VF Daily. “But I love old clothes, and the thing about nice clothes is they just keep going on and on. So I think he’s pretty relieved tonight that I’m not wearing what he calls a “vintage” Armani. I say, ‘This is not vintage Armani. He’s five, ”Irons said with a laugh.

Vanity Fair collaborating photographer Bruce Weber recalled a spectacular party in an old palace after one of Armani’s parades in Milan. “The staircase had 30 people dressed in early 1800s clothing, holding candles – everything was done by candlelight,” Weber said. “He made the cushions for the chairs and the covers for the chairs and tablecloths. It was so amazing. So we set there, and I thought, what else can happen? And there was Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale.

After the fashion show at the Armani happening in New York, held in the huge Superpier on the West Side Highway, the stars stayed for the dance party. DiCaprio was the center of gravity, occupying a seating area right in the middle of the party, next to the dance floor which became more and more crowded as the evening wore on. When we left around midnight, people were still arriving in droves.

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