Wind tunnel model highlights scale of F1 rules change

Carlos Sainz says the PowerPoint presentations and wind tunnel models he’s seen of Ferrari’s new Formula 1 car show just how game-changing the new concepts are.

F1 teams are currently putting the finishing touches on their 2022 designs ahead of launches and the first pre-season test in Barcelona, ​​Spain next month.

And while neither team has finished their new car at the factory yet, Sainz suggested he’s seen enough of Ferrari’s design intentions to know how much of a change the 2022 challengers will look like.

Speaking at the end of a day’s testing of a 2018 Ferrari at Fiorano as part of a warm-up exercise, Sainz said he was eager for his team to finally reveal their “secret”.

“I’ve seen it in many PowerPoint presentations and in the wind tunnel,” he explained. “The 2022 car is, let’s say, very different from what we’ve seen in recent years in Formula 1.

“I also can’t wait to show it to the tifosi. It’s like we have a secret, but we want to tell a secret as soon as possible. Let’s see.

“It’s not for long. I particularly want to show the car to all tifosi, but also to drive it as soon as possible.”

Charles Leclerc Ferrari

Photo by: Davide Cavazza

His team-mate Charles Leclerc said he was also looking forward to seeing how the new car will perform when it is first used at Barcelona.

“2022 is going to be a very important year,” said the Monegasque driver. “It’s a very special year because we have a brand new car.

“I’m really looking forward to being in Barcelona for the first winter tests to try this car. And I hope that with all the work we’ve done over the last year to get to this point, we’ll be as competitive as we are. all.” want to be.”

While Sainz and Leclerc were limited to running the 2018 SF71H at Fiorano this week, due to uncertainty over the 2022 testing rules, there was still some value to be put back into action.

Sainz said it was particularly good to “shock” the body to remember what it was like to drive an F1.

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“It’s always useful, but also being back in an F1 2018 is great fun,” he said.

“It’s a combination of useful because as an athlete or an F1 driver, you get your first shock to the body. It’s just, ‘Wow, yeah, I’m an F1 driver, I’m an F1 driver. need to ride this beast!’

“You also have to touch the neck, touch the lower back, the glutes, everything so that the body remembers that it is the body of an F1 driver and that he is strong.

“And also for the spirit, getting used to the speeds we’re going again. Also for talking with the engineers, developing the setup of this car a bit, trying to make it more to my liking. You put yourself back in the loop and it’s is always fun.”

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